Students alongside their family members & staff observed grand celebrations on the occasion of Baisakhi on 14th April 2014 at the Academy’s campus located at the village Dhanal Kalan with full gusto.

To begin this pious event, the day started with the regular routine of ‘Nitnem’ from 7:50 am to 8:45. The assembly was organized by students of the Atul House, in which Ms Manjot Kaur , the English Educator, shared her views on Baisakhi with the students.

The students were really excited about the celebrations and also the Inauguration of ‘Darbar Sahib’ in the new building, on the 3rd level. All students gathered at the Gurdwara Sahib, decorated with colorful fresh flowers, with great enthusiasm & joy. The stage was conducted by Mrs Kamalpreet Kaur and student of Grade IX  Taranpreet Kaur , Arshdeep Kaur.

The Baisakhi ceremony started with an introductory speech by educator Ms Kamalpreet Kaur. She highlighted the main reasons behind the worldwide celebration of Baisakhi Festival. She explained the to the students, the day’s great importance in Sikh Community as Guru Gobind Singh Ji established the ‘Khalsa Panth’ on 30 March , 1699 while giving birth to the concept of ‘Aape Gur Chela’ , demolishing the barriers of discrimination amongst different castes that were prevalent in the society .

The program proceeded with recitation of shabad “ Khalsa mera roop hai khas”, after which the students of Grade II recited a poem titled “Tahiyon Baajaan waleya tenu sabne sheesh nivaye”.  The participating students were Jasmeen kaur , Jaskirat Singh , Manpreet Kaur , Taranpreet Kaur , Simerpreet singh , Harman kaur , Ravneet kaur .

After this, the Grade III students presented a poem titled – ‘Jag ton niyari teri shaan khalsa’  The group included Damanveer Singh , Jagroop Singh , Harelpreet Singh , Sehajveer Singh , Jaspreet Singh , Ravdeep Singh , Balraj Singh , Satvir Singh , Balraj Singh who together presented this poem in a group.

Later, the grade IV students mesmerized everyone to get into the spirit of Baisakhi with their poem “ Baisakhi da toyhar hove” . The participants were Gursimran Singh , Khushdeep Singh , Jasraj Singh , Randeep Singh , Amar Singh Tarlochan Singh , Manpreet Singh , Rushpinder Singh and Harshdeep Singh . This was followed by presentation of Popular Shabad ‘Khalsa Mero Roop hai Khaas by Grade V students.

Post the shabads, two interesting Baisakhi Special poems were presented by the Grade V students – ‘Ajao Baniye Singh Sardaar’ and “Sikhi Naal Pyaar” and the students of Grade VIII and IX shared their views through speech on the topic of ‘Baisakhi’.

Towards conclusion, teacher trainee Manveer kaur also shared her motivating views on Baisakhi  and Grade VII students came forward with the shabad –‘Piyo Paahul Khande Dhaar Hoye Janam Suhela’ , the participants were Harprabhjot Singh, Gursimran Singh Pratham Arora , Simranjeet Singh , Karanveer Singh , Harmandeep Singh , Prabhvir Singh , Sukhmandeep singh.

At last, a beautifully composed shabad was recited by Grade – IX students – Amritpal Kaur, Akshbrinderjit Kaur, Irandeep Kaur, Arshdeep Kaur, Taranjit kaur , Surpreet Kaur  and Gunveer Singh, after which Principal Ma’am , Ms Harpreet Kaur gave greetings to the staff members, students & their families; and ‘Deg’ was distributed post ‘Ardas’.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 26th April ’14