From explicating concepts of “Sky-Farming” to exploring possibilities through the current world-trending topic of “Life on Mars” or even going into scientific depths of “Human Health & Antibiotics” – the rural students of class 8th & 9th from village Dhanal Kalan Akal Academy, had the school teachers and the audience pinned to their seats with their interesting power-point presentations that surprised everyone not just because of the nature of topic but also by the professionalism and composure exhibited by the participants who were facing the audience presenting for the first time.

Village Students Present Like Executives during Discovery Inter-House PPT CompetitionThis sublime set of presentations were observed during a recent Inter-House Discovery Competition, organized by the Akal Academy; the idea was conceptualized by the school authorities, keeping in view the vision of The Kalgidhar Trust, the charitable organization behind running unique network of 129 value-based education schools (& growing…), which seeks to secure mainstream through academics and other activities for the Rural India. The organization is relentlessly putting in efforts to develop globally good competent and peace-making citizens through its unique blend of modern-scientific education and social-moral values induced through spiritual practices.

For the event, the participants were divided in teams of 4 each, who represented their respective houses viz. Amul, Atul, Ajay and Abhay. Whilst the Amul house won itself the 1st place through its highly detailed presentation on Antibiotics & Health, Abhay House secured the 2nd spot for its strategic attempt at familiarizing the audience with a relatively fresh and deeply interesting scientific research on Sky Farming. House Atul managed to captivate the audience with its presentation on the hot ongoing-world-trending subject of science’s latest breakthrough discoveries and exploration upon “Life on Mars”, wherein Ajay House had to settle at the bottom with the topic of “Evolution and Importance of Telephones” for the competition.

“This was one of our new experimental initiatives in line with the vision of our mother organization; it’s pleasantly surprising to see such an overwhelming output. We are certain that with ongoing strong support and ideas coming through members, supports & volunteers, we will be remarkably successful in our efforts of bringing about a true Rural Transformation in India through means of highly modernized schooling concepts blended with traditional core ethics, instilled into each student through spiritual practices”, quoted the Principal Ms. Harpreet Kaur of Akal Academy at village Dhanal Kalan.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 1st Nov ’13