From an inspiring soul you can learn a lesson which will last and inspire you for a life time. Souls like Sant Jee were pure perfection in the goal to join with Akal Purkh. We might not be perfect and we may never be perfect but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for perfection. Below are some sakhia, rehat, advice and lessons from Sant Jee. A summary of the book ‘Life Story of Sant Attar Singh Jee’ can be downloaded from the Sikh Roots- Resources section.Sant Attar Singh Jee

Sant Attar Singh was an inspiring soul, whose life was solely devoted to naam. Sant Attar Singh Jee lived and breathed Sikhi, “He would utter ‘Wah’ while lifting his left foot and ‘Guru’ while lifting his right foot”. Sant Ji was so imbued in bani he wouldn’t consume food for 10 days or more at a time. With increasing devotion to naam he had no need for food as bani was the source of all the nutrients he needed for his body to function. Sant Jee had so much pyaar for maharaj that he completed an akhand patt (non stop recitation of Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj) all alone. “The reading could be heard up to a distance of half a mile”.

Sant Jee saw every being as capable of praising the Lord and he emphasised the beautiful nature of amritvela. Sant Jee stated, “ You remain sleeping at this time of early morning; but even animals pray to God at this time.” Animals like tigers, snakes and dangerous spiders approached Sant Jee during his meditations. The presence of such animals scared the sangat but Sant Ji did not flinch. He always replied, “It will not cause any harm. It has come to hear divine hymns and pay respects.”

Rehat and Advice from Sant Jee

· Giving maya to Ragis: “It is better if you give whatever you desire when the kirtan is finished. The Raagis can make prayers for the welfare of the donars at the close of kirtan.”

· Importance of Amrit: “Drink Amrit prepared with the double edged sword. Get benefits of the human birth.”

· Jap Jee Sahib Bani: “Sant Jee directed each newly made Singh to repeat 100 to 500 recitation of Japji Sahib.

· Importance of Kes: “God lives in your hair….by pulling your hair you have pricked the body of Satguru.”

· Preparation of Amrit: “….while preparing the Amrit, the tenth Guru himself showers the Nectar of name. The nectar infuses bravery and love.”

· Forgiveness: “The biggest virtue is to excuse and pardon others. To tolerate harsh words is equal to the greatest penance and the biggest virtue.”

· Kachera: Never completely remove the kachera from the body. If this sin is committed one must clean the shoes of the sangat for 25 days.

· Sewa : “Without sewa the I-am-ness of the man does not vanish, although he may devote as much time as he likes in the Religious Meditation etc. Without sewa, transmigration does not come to an end.”

· Naam: “Nama (Bhagat Nam Dev) says O Tarclochen (Bhagat)! Repeat and keep in your mouth the name (of the Supreme Being). Then go on doing your daily duties works with your hands and feet, but always keep God (the Lord of Mammon) in your heart.”

· Kirtan Sohila: “The Religious mandates (maryada) for the shaheed Singhs is very strict. They do not utter even a single word after Kirtan Sohila.”

· Langar: Never talk ill of langar. “One and a quarter maund of ghee is secretly supplied by the supernatural Power in the langar, everyday.”

· Ardas: “Ardas should not be long. When Ardas is performed, all the ten Satgurus come there and stand on their toes till the Ardas is finished. If Ardas is long, this causes unnecessary discomfort to them.”

· Kirtan: “It is the religious duty of a Sikh that he must not detract his mind from kirtan, although a bullet may peirce his body. If death comes during kirtan, it is a very fortunate event. He, who allows, during kirtan any part of his body to move is an accursed person.”

Sant Jee stated that Sikhs would advance by following this maryada:

  • Wake up at 3am and bathe
  • Contribute a tenth of your earning
  • Support a monthly project
  • Repeat and remember the name
  • Perform Hari Kirtan

Sant Jee explains to become a Saint we must:

  • Get up early and take a bath 
  • Recite Gurbani
  • If you feel sleepy wash your face with water again
  • If you still feel sleepy recite bani loudly

Sant Jee always said “Please do remember that to become a true Khalsa, one has to travel a very difficult path.”

Do all business in Gurmukhi lettersThe path is full of challenges, ups and downs and numerous tests but the support of naam, seva, simran and sangat can help you overcome any obstacles. Sant Jee himself says “No sincere Sikh of Satguru Nanak can ever face any shortage of anything.” Remember Kaurageous is here to unite Kaurs so please feel free to contact us with any queries or speak to us at events.

Please forgive the writer for any mistakes. This short piece does not do enough justice to the beautiful Gursikh- Sant Attar Singh Jee.

Dhan Dhan Sant Attar Singh Jee.

~Leicester Kaurs