Bhai Baaj Singh -Sikh who received Khande Baate di Paul from Guru Gobind Singh Ji

He was one of the five Sikhs sent by him to the Punjab with Banda Singh Bahadur. He took part in all of Banda Singh’s major campaigns.

Sardar Baj Singh became famous as ” Baaz Bahadur ” for his extraordinary bravery in war . He was made the Governor of Sirhind after capturing it.

He was captured by the Mughal emperor Farrukhsiya and tied in Chains. He bravely told the emperor to unchain him and face him.

His feet were made free of chains on emperor’s orders but hands still tied . It said by the writers of the Mughal court in their memoirs that Baaj Singh with a blink of eye snatched sword of the nearby Mughal soldier and with a lightening speed killed 16 Mughal armed men on the spot . And the emperor had to run leaving his throne .

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