Sikhism is a world religion and there are Sikhs in Brabant, Netherlands also. Most are not recognisable as Sikh because the turban belonging to the faith is not accepted everywhere. But Theodorus Snellen from Haaren doesn’t care. He wears a turban. By conviction. It has cost him in the village where he was always very active in scouting, but people get more and more used to it in Haaren.

Sikh faith comes from India. Sikhs believe in one God, in equality between men and women, justice for all and the sanctity of the body. Therefore Sikhs must not shave or cut hair. It is sacred. In this episode of Zin in Brabant, a TV series produced by regional Dutch

Broadcaster – Omroep Brabant, we meet Theo in Haaren, we go to the Sikh temple in Rotterdam and we learn how a turban can lead to misunderstandings.