ln her primary schooling, she shined in Academics, she wrote numerous success stories in sports, Co-curricular activities, inter-school competitions and brought laurels to her school and brimmed her parent’s eyes with tears of joy and happiness. While at Akal Academy she proved her mettle in CBSE state and national level competitions and came along with flying colors.

The most interesting and riveting thing in her is to take up big challenges and never give up in any situation. She received an appreciation letter from Smrti Zubin lrani, Minister of Human Resource Development for her wonderful performance in Central Board of Secondary Education – Class XII examination in year 2014.

lt was a great achievement, great for every child who receives this letter. lt was all due to her hard work that even with loss of important part of study, she gained up to 80%. She inspired many children of both H.C.S. and A.A.K. presently, after receiving, great remarkable, extraordinary achievement in school life, she has taken her next step that is college life.

Now, she is studying in Sheridan College, Ontario (CANADA). She wants to become a software programmer. For this, she took course, named information Technology Support Services, which includes Network designing and maintenance, Call backing, customer services, Operating system (Linux and Microsoft) Mobile device support, Website designing and maintenance of Databases lndustry standard software packages (including Microsoft).

To achieve her goal, she regularly studies for 9 hours daily. Apart from this, she does a part-time job for 5 hours. To conclude, with, she has all the talents, which can be said to be God Gifted. As per a popularly saying; hard work is key to success. May she transform her dreams into a real vision.

Amarpreet Kaur could have, well been a housewife, had she not been fortunate enough to receive her schooling from Akal Academy Kajri. The Academy did a great job in improving the education situation in the village. A secure environment for students, especially for women alongside spirituality really made a huge difference. She describes her journey from a speck in the rural fields to her distant dream of pursuing studies abroad, she left no stone unturned. She is indebted to the moral and spiritual values that were inculcated in her by the noble mission of The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib under the spiritual; guidance of Baba Iqbal Singh.

~ Tapasleen Kaur