‘Keeping your aims and ideas high make you achieve something high. Maybe your efforts let you achieve something higher than your ambition.’

In the city of Shri Muktsar Sahib there lived a boy named Angaddeep Singh who belonged to a small family. His father was a farmer and sweat his hardwork on the farms. Watching him go to the academy in the school bus, he would dream of a bright future for his son.

Angaddeep Singh was sent to Akal Academy, Muktsar Sahib after much discussions and enquiries. At first Angad was disappointed while his father dropped him to the hostel.

The boy was sent to a place where global examples were originated. He was now well adapted to his hostel life and use to work hard on his academics.

Angad had great interest in computers and technology. So, he would give most of the time working on the computer and gathering knowledge about the hardware technology. And he ultimately decided to take it as his career and decided to become a ‘Hardware Engineer’

After completing his 12th he chose computer science as the main stream of his career. With well determined thoughts, he decided to move on to Punjab University to pursue his Bachelors in Computer Science. He was performing well & each day was a step ahead towards his destination.

After the years in college Angad was offered a job in a renowned company named ‘Insowis Computers corporation Ltd in Chandigarh. His Dreams turned into reality and his hard work ,will power and dedication bore fruits.

Today, Angad has completed his IELTS with 7 bands and decided to pursue his his further education Masters in Computer Science abroad in Australia. And he is almost on track to crack his ambition in the near future.

‘People who make excuses in life are the one who don’t like to be challenged, But, the ones who accept the challenge are the real heroes with the banners “Challengers Wanted”.