Paramjot Singh, alumni of Akal Academy was born in a small family of farmer at ‘Sanaur’ in district Patiala, Punjab. Despite of being from a poor family, his mother had high hopes about his bright future. After passing his VIIIth Grade in a Govt School, he was sent to Akal Academy,Baru Sahib.

The thoughts of standing up her mother’s expectations hovered his mind while going to the divine valley. And then the environment of peace & serenity started establishing in his mind. He began reciting Gurbani. He always felt the warmth of being in Guru’s arms.

After he had passed his 11th from Baru Sahib, he decided to study abroad in Australia. He did his XIIth Grade from ‘Tadner Cathlic’ school in Melbourne, Australia..

It was time to choose a field in which he could excel to build his platform further. Param had a vast interest in business and aspired to get into it since childhood.

So He decided to pursue his business management in Melbourne, taking a step closer to his goal. After his graduation, He worked at ‘Grand Hyatt to add a professional experience to his career.

As per a famous saying, “Results change after you change your Efforts. Within a span of two years Param was appointed as a manager in the same hotel. He worked there for 5 years to gather his adventure of experience but his wished to settle in his own personal arena.

Today, Paramjot has made his family proud. He came back to India and started his own hotel named ‘ Asia’s residency’ in Chandigarh.

He expresses a whole hearted gratitude for Baru Sahib for providing him with an enriched experience for lifetime.

‘ There’s no doubt everyone has an ability but what makes difference is recognizing and polishing it the right way.’

-Jagpal Singh