SatSriAkal – I am Daljot Kaur from village Khundan Kalan of Muktsar town, I am a proud alumnus of Akal Academy Muktsar, batch 2008, the school where received the most transformative form of education throughout my academic life.

I am currently serving as a Physiotherapist at ‘Special Children Hospital’ located at Astha Rehabilitation Centre Mohali, where I provide relief to little young differently able kids. It feel graced and blessed to be serving these little wonders of god from whom I receive so much love and smiles in return. Prior to this, I worked at Indus Hospital in Mohali where I received my first placement as a Physiotherapist after completing my Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot.

My admission to Baba Farid University was taken on the basis of merit list for 250 Seats in which I received 3rd Rank – this all was made possible only through the transition and blessings that Akal Academy had provided me with, which enabled a small village girl like me compete at such high levels. I belong to a middle class farming family wherein my father, besides farming, also carried a small time Govt. job to make ends meet for our family. I also have a younger sister and twin brothers, with the grace of god on our family, like all of my cousins, they too are receiving their schooling at the Akal Academy Muktsar.

Our family’s connection with Akal Academy roots to their main Baru Sahib branch where some of my senior cousins used to study before Akal Academy came up in Muktsar; the school has surely provided us with the best of the academics alongside establishing our connection with our heritage and spirituality through ‘Paath’ which is still pretty much a routine habit in our lives and helps us stay connected with almighty in all times.

Academically, the teachers at Akal Academy were exceptional – no matter from what background the student belonged, the teachers had religiously committed themselves with a goal of enabling each student secure at least 70% marks in the boards examinations. They gave their best in the 9 to 4 devoted schooling system, hence no students ever required or even felt the need of taking any tuitions – the studies at the schools were just enough!

The school was very supportive to the rural Girl Child, they provided 50% deduction in the fees to girls like me who came from financially weak familes. My Sister recently got 100% score in her 10th boards examinations which has fetched her an additional scholarship over and above the 50% fee deduction she was being provided under the Girl Child Scheme. Our family undoubtedly owes a lot to the Akal Academy for all their altruistic support towards us. We sincerely thank the Kalgidhar Trust of Baru Sahib and especially Baba Iqbal Singh Ji who is heading such great noble endeavor of transforming rural India.

Also, I would like to give my regards to all my teacher at school – Simbalpreet Ji, our principal, who taught us English to us rurals like no one else could’ve; Paramjit Kaur Brar Ma’am, our Punjabi Teacher; Baldev Sir-Physics; Surinder Sharma-Chemistry teachers and all others whom my mind is missing right now.

My message to the students, rural children and parents – the Akal Academies are doing great as Dual Learning Centers for Academics and Spirituality, which is an exclusive concept with its own unique advantages that help build a superior character in students alongside making them balanced individuals who are academically sharp. Other school might be good but one thing is certain that teacher of no other schools can be compared with Akal Academy teachers for the personal and genuine concern they keep for each of the student’s growth, success and most importantly, development of a noble character.

Daljot Kaur – Physiotherapist

Special Children Hospital – Astha Rehabilitation Centre.