In today’s Super Story in on going Special Week on ‘#PositiveInspirations’ across Akal Academies, which have made it Super Big, we are covering the story of a ‘Born Tough’ army man in the making; Yuvraj Singh. He has currently been recruited as a CADET at NDA (National Defence Academy) for a specialized 5 yr. Army training in Kharagwasla, Pune.

Yuvraj Singh

Scoring an A-1 in all his subjects, Yuvraj Singh, 17, after his 10+2, was determinedly prepared & cracked his way through the most diversely competitive & tough NDA (National Defence Academy) entrance examination. Out of the more than two lakh candidates that appeared in NDA, Yuvraj shined bright, securing an All India Rank–18 and interestingly, he also cleared Indian Navy entrance.

His success is being seen as highly commendable for a village boy from Gomti, especially competition being amongst candidates coming from reputed Army & Public schools of the cities.

Yuvraj Singh, an inhabitant from village Gomti was born to Mr. Ashok Kumar and Mrs. Hemlata, who originally came from Punjab, but moved to the village with their little Yuvraj to work for a noble cause of Rural Education at Akal Academy since 1998, as Teachers.
Then it was at Akal Academy where the parents decided to bring up his education alongside other kids, where Mr. Kumar teaches English as a Senior Secondary Teacher, while his wife taught Social Science until she was promoted & transferred to Akal Academy, Kajri recently as the Principal.

Yuvraj’s preparations to enter army, roots back to his childhood days at school when his father along side his job, started influencing, training & mentoring him with the dynamics of Army& its entrance exam requirements. He tried preparing him onto following the cult tradition, which their family has patronized for years.

It was revealed that this was the biggest & the only challenge that Yuvraj grew up with, which not only bore the load of living up to the expectations of his Dad, butthe hopes of entire family chain itself. In fact, his Dad himself trained for the Army but could not get a chance to serve due to some medical issues & was offered to serve Police Force at Indo-Tibet border before he decided to join Akal Academy so he could prepare his son Yuvraj Singh to achieve the dream for him.

At this rural School, the well-made timetable and quality education helped Yuvraj to not only march his way through academics all by himself, but also to maintain his upkeep at almost every sports activity. He accepted all challenges whilst also keeping his affinity to writing articles in an evolving editorial mode; many of his writings have been regularly published in ‘Competition Success’, a widely popular monthly magazine.

At present,Yuvraj is invariably engaged with his training under NDA’s strict regime; unaware & undisturbed about the happenings of the normal world, having absolute isolation & zero connection to the outside world. For the matter of fact, cadets under training have no permission to keep mobile phones or using internet and even the TV sets are not provided. As for traveling purposes,it’s no worldly vehicles or motorbikes, but the Army cycles. Unlike soldiers, Yuvraj too, no matter how young he is;rules bear no exception for him; he is only permitted to visit or see his family only during vacations!

We, members of Akal Academy & the Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib team, sincerely thank Mr. Ashok Kumar (Yuvi’s Father) for providing us with all the inputs about Yuvraj’sjourney.

We extend our gratitude to Yuvraj’s parents forthe benevolence, the courage &the determinationwith which they have been consistently serving the society and bringing up a child so bright,who’s all set to serve the entire nation.

Aspirations are many, Inspirations are some!LieutenantYuvraj Singh, you make us proud!

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~ Ramandeep Singh,
~ New Delhi, 11th Sep ’13