At age as young as 4, little rural kids of small village Ghugg in Jalandhar district demonstrated their English spelling abilityat try-outs held within the school.

In a spelling contest named ‘Spell-bee’, teams were setup into 4 houses i.e.  Ajay, Abhay, Amul & Atul House, two kids were paired in each house;they  were thrown a volley of words where the first one to correctly spell the given word would gain a point.

Spell Bee Competition at Akal Academy, GhuggTeam Abhay Houses weep the board in round one for Spell-Bee with a splendid 45 point score followed by Amul, Atulat 2nd& 3rd  with  decent 42 & 40 whilst Ajay House took the weak spot with only 30.

Round 2 saw an incredible comeback by Ajay House, moving 2 steps up from its last position to becoming the 2nd fastest Spell-beewith final score of 44, whilst House Amul won the title of be the Fastest Spell-bee of the Academy by maintaining its consistent scoring through the second round where House Abhay took all the bashing, crashing all the way from top to finish the last as House Atul managed to retain its 3rd position of round one by being quickest at the final two questions.

The winners alongside the participants were presented with different prizes; the event witnessed a great sportsmanship coming forth from these young rural kids who looked perfect future challengers for mainstream competitions.

~ Ramandeep Singh,
~ New Delhi, 11th Sep ’13