Our Punjabi culture is very rich and today’s young generation in the race of modernization has been detached with it. Akal Academy Mahal kalan has made a beautiful attempt to aware and attach our young generation to our rich heritage by organizing an activity on Heritage Bonanza.

Parents, students and staff of the school participated in it.

A number of stalls on traditional items were displayed. On one stall utensils, used by our forefathers, were displayed while on the other stall traditional outfits were displayed showing their simple way and style of living.
On a stall a live demonstration of traditional way of churning the curd and making butter and buttermilk was shown by a student. On one of the stalls a student was spinning the wheel and singing a beautiful folk song taking the audience in the remote land of some imaginary world.

There was a stall on which there was a miniature of a house showing each and every detail of items used in past and still are being in some of the houses. Whether it is a wooden ladder or a spinning wheel or a toy each and every detail of the household item was there.

A live cultural progamme was performed by the students. They presented folk songs, folk dances Gidha and Bhangra. Their performance was wow, worth praising.

This activity was based on learning with enjoyment. This has enhanced the knowledge of the students. Parents were very happy and appreciated the programme.

This was really a very sincere step taken by the school authorities to acquaint and attach the young generation to their heritage and make feel them proud of their heritage.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 16th Aug ’14