Inter academy sports meet was held at Akal Academy, Dhugga Kalan keeping in mind the perspective of creating a healthy & fit generation. Students of all age groups were seen participating in various fun and exciting sporting activities. They were awarded medals according to their performances. The Principal and the Chief guest further encouraged the students by acknowledging their achievements & the participation levels, widening the talent pool and helping young people lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. Like & Share among your friends ! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 3rd Nov '14 [gallery ids="7651,7652,7653,7654,7655,7656,7657,7658,7659,7660,7661,7662,7663,7664,7665,7666,7667,7668,7669,7670,7671,7672,7673,7674,7675,7676,7677,7678,7679,7680"]