“You can’t use up creativity,
The more you use, the more you learn.”

Inspired from the quotation above, Akal Academy Dhanal Kalan recently organized a classroom decoration competition to help students unleash their creative side. It is easy to accept the idea that children who attend clean and well maintained class rooms have an easier success. Therefore on 16 April 2014 students experienced a fun activity like never before.

In this competition all the classes were divided into five categories:

Categories                                              Grades
       A       I-A        I-B      II-A         II-B
       B       III-A        III-B      IV-A         IV-B
       C        V-A          V-B       VI          VII
       D         VIII         IX         X  
       E Nursery-A Nursery-B       KG- A        KG-B


The criterion for the judgment was:

  • Relevance of the charts displayed to the syllabus of FA-I and FA-II of all subjects
  • Systematic arrangement of books and bags in the class.
  • Clutter free ambience.

Academies principal Ms. Harpreet Kaur and Ms. Usha Sarna judged the competition. The positions were declared category wise:

    Category          First       Second      Third
        A           II-B         II-A        I-B
         B            IV-B         IV-A        III-B
         C             VI         VII          V-B
         D           VIII          IX            X

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 31st May ’14