Meditation at Kanoha- Jeewan Sakhi of Sant Attar Singh Ji

Sant Ji reached Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan) and meditated in Tapovan for some time and after this, he met Sant Ram Singh Ji in 1894 at Thamali for completing his mission of meditation continuously at a secluded and peaceful place. On the recommendation of Sant Ram Singh, a thick forest-like place, Kanohe di Jhangi, which belonged to Bhai Wazir Singh, was selected. During all these years while in spiritual pursuit, Sant Ji used to speak very little. After the Akhand Paath, Sant Ji resorted three times to prolonged meditation; first for 40 days, then for 6 months and later on for one year. During this period, he used to take a very small quantity of food and that too once a day only, which was served by the devoted couple Wazir Singh and Mai Bhag Bhari. As a result of these prolonged meditations, his body was reduced to a mere skeleton. His mother, Mata Bholi, developed an abscess near the knee-joint, which caused her a lot of pain and suffering. Sant Ji met her one evening and explained to her the spirit of tolerance and accepting the Will of God by concentrating on the Divine Name. She thus had the realization of spiritual knowledge from her own son. This realization of oneness with God enabled her to overcome her physical suffering completely and attain an exalted spiritual stage of Jiwan Mukt (emancipation of the spirit in one's lifetime) during her last days. Mata Bholi died a peaceful and saintly death. of people desiring to have his glimpse kept on increasing. Sant Ji meditated on the Divine Name uninterrupted for The fame of his first two meditations had already spread among the people, but this third longer meditation for one year spread it all over the region. People began to flock from all around and the Phulahi grove at Kanoha several days on the sands of 'Luni' of Kashi river bed during the month of June and drenched the sand with his sweat, as if the soil was made sacred with the tiny drops of the Divine Name. It became a center of continuous rendering of Gurbani Kirtan. Guru ka Langar continued to be served all this while. In a very short span of time, the fame of Sant Attar Singh spread all over Rawalpindi district; and the number Before commencing the Kar Sewa (construction) of Gurdwara Mastuana Sahib, Sant Attar Singh completely renounced the collection of material wealth. But when the Kar Sewa of Gurdwara Mastuana Sahib and Gurdwara Damdama Sahib was taken up, the donations offered by devotees were used for the development of the Gurdwaras and other institutions for the welfare of mankind.

Discharge from Army- Jeewan Sakhi of Sant Attar Singh Ji

As Sant Attar Singh was not yet fully discharged from the Army, he desired to complete the formalities and presented himself before the Colonel of his Regiment at Abbotabad (now in Pakistan). The Colonel tried to persuade him to remain in the Army by giving assurances that he would be promoted to a higher rank. Sant Ji told him that he had joined the service of the Divine Lord and was no more willing to serve any master other than Him. The Colonel put him in the Army jail and kept a constant vigil on him throughout the night but always found Sant Ji meditating in a state of trance, which continued for three days without taking even a drop of water. The Colonel was moved immensely by his devotion and discharged him from the Army with honor. The Colonel also gave him the first prize of Rifle Shooting Competition. Sant Ji distributed this prize money of one hundred rupees among the poor. All the soldiers took him in a procession and boarded him in a Chariot for the village Shahan di Dheri, on way to Gurdwara Panja Sahib (now in Pakistan). Thus, he became completely free to pursue the Divine Mission of his life. At Shahan di Dheri, Bhai Gurmukh Singh persuaded Sant Attar Singh to stay with him. Here he recited Guru Granth Sahib continuously for nine months. After this, he reached Panja Sahib and had a dip in the Sarovar (holy water- tank). After paying obeisance at Panja Sahib, Sant Ji immersed in deep meditation on the banks of Kishan Ganga River near the town of Domel for seven months. Then he decided to meet Sant Bhai Ram Singh at Thamali, who was anxiously waiting for his arrival. On his way to Thamali, Sant Ji meditated on a quiet hillock near Kohmari for three days.