Timeless treasures are often not found in chests, but remain secretly enshrined in the hearts of Almighty’s graced Saints, to be unlocked when the time is ripe – such is the heritage of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Guru-Ki-Kashi, that has finally ran its course to reach its time of revelation. The legacy of Guru Ki […]

Timeless treasures are often not found in chests, but remain secretly enshrined in the hearts of Almighty’s graced Saints, to be unlocked when the time is ripe – such is the heritage of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Guru-Ki-Kashi, that has finally ran its course to reach its time of revelation.

The legacy of Guru Ki Kashi roots back to days of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib; the rarely told Sakhi behind had only exchanged between a few sacred hearts over the period of 307 years.  But now, our generations, through the blessings of Almighty, fortunately received a chance to hear it through Baba Iqbal Singh Ji alongside an opportunity to be a part of it.

The Sakhi of our heritage, as passed through by Great Sant Attar Singh Ji and Sant Teja Singh Ji to Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, follows: (as narrated by Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji’s, in his own words, his narrative speech is marked in Big brackets “[]”)

Maharaj(10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji), when he returned from Battle (of Muktsar), then ‘It was at the place-Saboo Ki Talwandi, where Maharaj untied his waist-band & took a sigh of rest(Dam) after which the land has been named – Damdama Sahib.

King Dalla was ruler of the place then (now Damdama) – he would often Boast-talk with Guru Ji, saying, “Maharaj I have strong 7feet tall fighter men! Had you summoned me, my men would’ve broken Mughal’s noses, and you wouldn’t have required leaving the battle city.”

Maharaj smiled & replied, “Don’t you worry, the string hasn’t snapped yet, we will summon you in other events”. Then, soon in time, a mechanic made a new rifle and brought it to Guru Ji. Guru Sahib saw it and asked him about its power; the Mechanic proclaimed it could impale through 7 Humans!

So, Maharaj recalled Dalla for the purpose and asked him to bring a few of his strong men to stand facing the gun’s fire so he can test the bullet power! Hearing the call, the bragging King Dalla’s face turned pale; he was stunned & bewildered by Guru Ji’s demand.

[For Death raises deep concerns – dear followers of God, it’s very difficult to serve – the Guru Granth Sahib proclaims this as… “If you desire to play this game of love with Me, Then step onto My Path with your head in hand. When you place your feet on this Path, Give Me your head & not pay attention to public opinion.” ]
[This is True definition of a Sikh!]

Now Dalla, confused & nervous, went to his men & told them, “Guru Sahib is God’s Avtar, hence, if you step forward for the bullet testing – your soul will be liberated and will be placed in heaven.”  Most of Dalla’s men refused to him, saying, “We don’t want liberation or Guru’s blessings or a place in heaven; we don’t want to die! We’d rather die fighting in a battle ground.”
So Dalla, then returned back to Guruji in despair and told Maharaj that no one is ready! Maharaj smiled at him & said, “Then why don’t you stand for the fire testing!” Dalla started trembling, lost ground and gave deflecting responses. Upon this, the Guru Sahib said, “Then do one thing – the Sikhs that are accompanying me, go ask them; tell them that Guru wants to test the bullet.
Dalla went and asked from the Sikhs and 2 Sikhs came running! And 1 of them, came while he was in midst of tying his turban, having last round of turban cloth held in his hand – he came running and said, “I heard it first!” whilst the other argued “I too heard it first, so I should get an equal chance to serve” – both disputed.

Guru Sahib, in order to resolve the conflict, said, “that’s alright, you both deserve, you don’t need to fight over this; you both can stand together for the bullet fire test. Both stood tall, one after another; with great enthusiasm.

Guru Ji fired; the bullet impaled through their shoulders!
[Well, they both then fell on the ground; they were then treated soon after.]

Dalla was shocked and surprised to see all of this. So much that he went on asking Guru Ji about the kind of Power behind this? – that your men are not scared of anything!” Maharaj replied, “It’s the power of Amrit!” Then, at that time, Dalla asked Maharaj, “please give this Amrit to me also”. Thereafter, Dalla took Amrit with his entire family.

[After this episode, Gurusahib’s 25 sikhs went to Dhirmal – grandson of Guru Hargobind Ji, because in his possession, he had his Father’s-Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s compiled copy of Sri Granth Sahib]

Guru Ji asked him (Dhirmal) for requisition of Granth Sahib Ji, so he can append 9th Guru-Teg Bahadur Ji’s words to it; duly adding the writings and scriptures to Granth Sahib- compiling it into a Complete Guru Granth Sahib; promising a copy of final, alongside original to be duly returned back to Dhirmal; so he will get both compiled & the original version.

Dhirmal refused, saying he will lose everything in case the Original gets taken from him; be duped!
Several requests were made to him, but he denied all; Sikhs pleaded a lot to convince him, but all in vain. Then Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj was informed, that Dhirmal is very reluctant & speaks harsh words – argues, “if your Guru is 10th Master as he claims; if he’s 10th descendant of Guru Nanak’s throne, then isn’t he himself capable of writing; why doesn’t he recite the Granth by himself?”

Sikhs told GuruJi they cannot tolerate his harsh words. Hearing this, Guru Ji decided to go into Samadhi there; For 9 long months, while remaining in Samadhi, Guru Sahib, got entire Guru Granth Sahib written through Bhai Mani Singh, by reciting it all to him; covering Banis of all, including Guru Teg Bahadur Ji’s. He completed it all, compiled it and consolidated it. On the same day, during evening; the wooden pens (Kalams), that were used for writing the Grath Sahib, Guru Ji broke and threw them into the nearby sarovar(river) named Kalam-Sahib(named after this event).

[Even now, over there, exists a sand-platform; if anyone goes & writes “Udha-Edha”(First letters of Punjabi Language) on the sand with his fingers…then the person acquires learning of Punjabi Language. This is some sort of spiritual blessing of that place! Also, the person’s brain becomes sharp & more active.]

So, it was at that place only, where Maharaj ji presented 4 copies of Granth Sahib to Baba Deep Singh and further took the compiled version to Sach-Khand, Nanded at Hazur sahib, where, after walking 5 rounds around Guru Granth Sahib, Maharaj concluded & proclaimed, “It’s commanded to every Sikh, to treat Granth Sahib as Guru.” after declaring the ‘Living Guru’ status to Granth Sahib. He then vanished into Almighty’s light & left the world.

[So now, I wish to highlight that GuruJi gave us a blessing!]

At the time when the Granth Sahib was being written; once the recitation & writing was complete, Guru Ji said these words, “Yeh pargateyo hamari Kashi, parhengey yahan ghor matt rasi”, meaning,” That our Kashi will emerge, where even idiots, lunatics & duffer persons will turn virtuous & highly intelligent scholars of Great knowledge! It will be our Kashi(learning house); it shall emerge! This was the 4th Prophecy that came at the end.

At first he said, “See Dalla, canals are flowing”. Dalla replied, “Maharaj, it’s a desert, how’s it possible? Your eyes aren’t capable of seeing”, Guru Ji replied.
[Now there are several canals flowing out there.]

Then next (2nd Prophecy) GuruJi said to Dalla, “See, mango, orange and other fruit trees are blooming”. Upon this, Dalla said to Guru Sahib, “Maharaj, the fruit’s are on your eyes, that you seeing.”.  Maharaj said, “You don’t seem have eyes for this either, these too will come up; only if you could believe these would’ve come up just now!
[Now, there are several gardens of flowers & fruits- So, this way the 2nd prophecy turned real.]

3rd, Guru Ji said, “See wheat crops are swinging in breeze”. Dalla said, “Maharaj, there’s not a drop of water here, how can wheat crops even exist?”

[And now, plenty of crop grows there – So 3 of his prophecies have already seen reality. The canals came up, gardens came into being even the crops are blooming there. All in all- crops, gardens, canals – all happened. But, 4th prophecy of Guru Kashi, remains pending till date.]

Babaji’s personal message & Appeal, follows:

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Let us all join hands and contribute generously for this Sewa whole-heartedly, physically as well as financially, to earn the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It’s a Sewa of Almighty, anyone who contributes to this with an honest intent shall get place of honor in God’s court – liberation. I am just offering an opportunity to all you Guru lovers, to contribute to this Sewa with your hard earned money to connect with Akal Purakh for divine blessings and thereby earning the divine pleasure of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj”.

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