Students of Akal Academy, Phaphre Bhai ke participate in Green Wave Campaign!

Working towards the noble cause of living in harmony with the Mother Earth, the Eco-Club of Akal Academy, Phaphre Bhai Ke organised a Green wave Campaign sensitizing the students on the value of tree plantation. Students procured saplings from their homes, and planted them in the school compound. They were placed in large clay pots and freshly dug earth mixed with manure. The staff members looked on and offer friendly tips to ensure that each sapling was carefully tended. [gallery ids="12441,12442,12443,12444,12445,12446,12447,12448,12450,12451"] Students became acquainted with the common names of the saplings like neem, kachnaar, tulsi, jamun, ashwagandha, etc. It is made sure that the tradition of preserving environment and having eco-friendly activities is well maintained among the students. Share & Spread to appreciate the efforts put in by these young transformers! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 26th July '15

Beautiful Turbans spruce up kids of Akal Academy, Phaphre Bhaike on Dastar Bandhi Diwas!

Students of Akal Academy, Phaphre Bhaike participated in the Turban Tying Competition on the occasion of Dastar Bandhi Diwas. They partook the long-respected Sikh tradition of tying a turban, affirming their resolve to continue doing what their fathers and grandfathers and many generations before them had done, as a symbol of their Sikh identity. [gallery ids="12435,12432,12433,12423,12424,12425"] The atmosphere echoed with “Sir Jaave taa jaave, mera Sikhi Sidak Naa Jaave” making the atmosphere emotional and inspirational. The students are taught the art of tying a turban. Layer after layer were wrapped, adorning each child with a beautiful crown which they promise to adorn for the rest of their lives. Such activities are organized to create awareness about relevance of the Turban & maintaining unshorn hair amongst youth. [gallery ids=",12426,12427,12428,12429,12430,12431"] The judges paid attention to every wrap and crease, and at last the winners were announced. The most beautiful ones were awarded and appreciated by the staff members. Such competitions are a personal reminder of their faith and firm commitment to Sikhi. ~ Tapasleen kaur ~ New Delhi, 25th July '15

Young Athletes of Akal Academy, Salamkhera outperform in Sports & bring pride!

Students of Akal Academy Salamkhera participated in different events organize by Sports Department of Haryana govt. at Block Level which was held at Govt. Sr. Sec. School Bighar. Out of which 24 Boys and 6 Girls displayed exceptional performances and bagged different positions. Football Team won the first position in this event. [gallery ids="12406,12407,12408,12409,12410,12411"] Principal Mrs. Jaibala and all Staff members appreciated the hardwork & efforts of these students for their excellent performance. Like & Share to appreciate the efforts of our young athletes! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 23rd July '15

Little Wonders of Akal Academy, Theh Kalandar bring Big Difference through Tree Plantation Drive!

The rural students and teachers of Akal Academy have already taken up the combat mode amid the world climate turmoil. The young enthusiast transformer plant saplings all around the vicinity and inspire the locals to participate in eco friendly activities. They are trained in the act of planting and caring for the trees. [gallery ids="12390,12393,12394"] The task of saving, preserving and improving the environment and the mother earth stands integral to responsibility of these young world citizens, by the virtue of both – their faith & learning’s that are imbibed into them. Like & Share to hail the efforts of these students! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 22nd July '15

Tree Plantation Drive by Students of Akal Academy, Madhopur!

Students of Akal Academy, Madhopur are shouldering their responsibility towards nature and contributing their bit towards a green environment. Tree Plantation drive was recently conducted around the campus. The students planted sapling of fruits, flower-bearing trees and also shade giving trees, turning the campus into a beautiful one! Through such activities way the students will get themselves involved in such healthy exercise which also makes them learn about teamwork, about their environment, about economy and of course fill them up with sense of responsibility, love and compassion. [gallery ids="12369,12367,12366"] It’s good to know that it has been proved via Researches that those Kids who garden eat more vegetables. Even more studies have found that students who grew plants scored about 12% higher on academic tests, compared with those who didn't. Plant a Tree today and make life on Earth Much Longer! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 21st July '15

Young Athlete of Akal Academy Salemkhera, Virender Machra clears the SPAT test for National Level Athletics Participation!

Spectacular Performances in Sports has been remained a significant achievement ever since the establishment of this institution. The Boys Hockey team and Girls Badminton team bagged the first position at district level last year. Recently a student of Akal Academy Salamkhera Virender Machra cleared the SPAT test for National Level Athletics Participation to be held at Vishakhapatnam in Sept. , 2015. He is being trained by Mrs. Neelam Rani(PTI of Akal Academy Salamkhera) for this grand Event. Principal Mrs. Jai Bala, Zonal Director Mr. G.S. Saggu and Staff Members congratulated Virender Machra for excellent performance in Athletics. He earned a lot of appreciation from all his friends & family members. Like & Share to be a part of this proud moment!

Creative Clay Modeling Sessions at Akal Academy, Mullianwal!

Clay Modeling is a great way to help children develop imagination and spark creativity. It also helps to develop hand-eye coordination. Students of Akal Academy participated in the clay modeling activities and prepared their models giving different attractive shapes to their colorful clay. [gallery ids="12238,12239,12240,12241,12242,12243,12244,12245,12246,12247"] Later an exhibition of the clay models prepared by the students was also held in the school premises which was witnessed and appreciated by the teachers & the staff members. It allowed the little ones to explore their talent and create a toy of their own based on their thoughts and ideas. Like & Share to appreciate the efforts of the little ones! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi - 11th July '15

Students of Akal Academy, Kajri pay Tribute to Sant Teja Singh ji on his 50th Barsi!

Remembering the Great visionary and Crusader of making Education real in all terms, Akal Academy Kajri teachers, staff and students under the aegis of Kalghidhar Trust, Baru sahib observed the 50th Death Anniversary of most revered Sant Teja Singh Ji. The day began with the morning assembly which was dedicated to Sant Teja Singh JI & his noble vision. The students rendered kirtan to spread the divinity. Mr. Harpal Singh highlighted upon the life of Sant Teja Singh, acquainted the students about his life history including his achievements in India and abroad. Students were motivated to follow the path of dedication and hard work to achieve their mission of Value Based Education whose foundations were laid by him. [gallery ids="12227,12221,12219,12222,12223,12224,12225,12226,12220"] Later a debate on the “Real Education- Ours and Others” was organized in which students spoke in favour and against the motion and brought out the true meaning of education. A drawing competition was also organized in which class VII and VIII classes displayed their artistic skills, beautiful portraits and sketch of Sant Teja Singh Ji to pay their homage to the great soul. The principal Mrs. Simran Kaur Thind, Mr. Jagvir Singh, of divinity dept. Mr. Ashok Singh Guleria , Mr. Harpal Singh, Mr. Philip Xavier Mrs. Kanak Tripathi, Mrs. Kanchan Mishra, Mr. Sudhir Kumar also contributed to make this day memorable. Like & Share to appreciate the efforts! ~ Tapasleen kaur ~ New Delhi, 10th July '15

Turbans Up at Akal Academy, Mayopatti dedicated to Sant Teja Singh Ji’s 50th Barsi!

The turban signifies sovereignty, dedication, self-respect, courage and piety. Students of Akal Academy marked the 50th Death Anniversary with Turban Tying ceremony. To create awareness about relevance of the Turban & maintaining unshorn hair amongst youth, on the occasion of Sant Teja Singh Ji’s Death anniversary, Turban Tying ceremony was help to keep the pride of Turban Intact. [gallery ids="12190,12189,12188,12187,12186,12185,12184,12191"] Such efforts revive their interest in Sikhi and develop their spiritual relationships strong with their faith. Appreciate the efforts & Inspire the youth! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 7th July '15

Commemorating the 50th Barsi of Sant Teja Singh Ji, a 3 day Samagam is conducted at Baru Sahib

Sant Teja Singh Ji invented the Modern day Gurukul at a place where Sages and Seers meditated on the divine name, bringing a perfect blend of spirituality to the school syllabus of modern scientific education! Students of Akal Academy Baru Sahib participated in numerous programmes to mark the day of remembrance and to pay their humble tribute to the Great Soul. The life history of Sant Teja Singh Ji was presented and his glorious achievements were highlighted. Dhadi Vaaran & Gurmat Sangeet by the students on traditional string instruments (Tanti Saaz) added to the divinity. [gallery ids="12166,12165,12164,12162,12161,12160,12159,12158,12157"] 31 Akhand Paaths, 5 Sehaj paths, 23123 Sukhmani Sahib,15762 Japji Sahib paths, 8412 Choupai Sahib were conducted by the students drenched in unconditional love & utmost devotion to pay homage to the noble soul. These harbingers of peace have managed to stand out not only as academic achievers but also as a youth with a character that he been saved from the onslaught of drugs and alcohol engulfing North India. The flame is out yet the light shines upon bright on these young souls. ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 6th July '15