Treading on a winner’s track

Amandeep Kaur

Many of us must have heard of the phrase ‘make your own history’, which advocates us to “go do something of our own” and that ‘something’ implies an effort or an accomplishment for which we will be remembered for ages. Ever since we learn that, we get on en route to discover that special “something”  in search for that special effort that would help stay in the pages of the history we will leave behind us. Years through, we keep trying to discover ourselves; going places, meeting endless people, shedding all we can to get there., But somewhere in our quest, we land up blindly following the footsteps of others, losing our own identity, without even ever realizing it.

The context above is in reference to someone, who is no different from all of us, in fact less privileged, or for that matter, even misfortunate by birth.. On my recent tour to baru sahib during my internship, i across a student, Amandeep Kaur. A sprightly young girl from village Bhamma Badi, Sangrur, which is a predominantly rural area in the southern part of Punjab.

Born to Gurmeet Singh, a petty-jobs worker who always struggled with strained resources to meet both ends, Amandeep grew up helping her mother tide over  expenses doing  household work for her family and for others in the neighborhood too. Torn between thoughts of reality & her desires, Amandeep’s her faith in God helped her keep moving in life  with a a hope for a better tomorrow.. She turned out into a full-of-energy youthful countenance and now beholds a fine personality. Her challenges seemed endless within the village environment to realize her silent dreams. But, as if guided by providence, she kept on honing her subtle-skills of sincerity, hard work, ability, knowledge to live through those dreams in real to set Her goals & self-determination did wonders & brought her a long distance.

I was stupefied and amazed when I interacted with her. This coy and soft-spoken girl literally swept me of my feet with her delicate and sober conduct. It felt peaceful serene to be around, she was swift, sensible & her talks carried substance & depth that is nowhere found in city-life, she was indeed “a Life” in herself.

Amandeep grabbed her lifetime opportunity when she learnt of the Free Teachers Training program being conducted by The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib. It was with help of her friend and got her application filled and applied, after prolonged discussions for approval of her parents. She recalls , “I sold them my dreams and I was fortunate that my parents realized my aspirations wherein my happiness resided”. Amandeep today is in her 2nd year (English enhancement) at Akal Institute of Rural Women Empowerment Baru Sahib; after having successfully completed her first year foundation course. She is gearing up simultaneously to appear for her 12th Board exams. Many a heads turned when she scored an exceptional 86% in Maths during her Terminals. “It wasn’t as easy at is sounds” tells us Amandeep; she struggled with an eye ailment that took a year to subside

Aman possesses good pickup skills & her prime interests are in science and social studies. Besides academics, she takes keen interest at other creative activities at school including stage plays.Amongst colleages she is known as a  and she has left her mark as a reserved personality & a patient  listener who give an ear ofrespect to everyone’s  opinion., maintaining her calm and poise.

Amandeep surprised quite a few Teachers recently when she proudly wrote two books named “ Prince and the Princess ” & “Me and my Quilt”. Given her limited knowledge of English language or skills to communicate, her work was much liked & appreciated by her teachers,s he was the star of her batch for having produced these books.
Amandeep’s approach to life provides us a critical reminder,  that, in the race of life winner is the one who does not look back or upon other’s track but the one who keeps moving forward, watching his own pace, focusing the finishing line as his own exclusive. She believes she has to do a lot to improve herself, & her confidence and presentation capabilities affirm she will be a successful woman who works hard towards turning her dreams into reality. Her trainers believe that once she completes her course and is employed as a Teacher, her job will not only help herself but also her family in stepping to a better world.
Commendable is the spirit of unknown sponsorers like Amandeep’s education, who discreetly serve the nation & humanity in true sense. . Maybe it is people like her who are blessed souls that share their riches and generosity to bring smiles on scores of deprived girls like Amandeep.

~ Ramandeep Singh, Student
~ New Delhi, 21st Aug 2013

In village Uddat Saidewala, little flowers plant “Green Bouquets of serve “ for tomorrow!

Whilst the socio-virtual world is all engaged in their “e-ways” to do their bit in the global “ Go Green “ uprising ;  young aspiring rural students of class 7th of “ Akal Academy “ in the remote village Uddat Saidewala ( distt. Mansa ), Punjab,  showed their spirit by resorting to the basic fundamentals.

Tree Plantation

In an event exquisite for any rural village, several kids, under cooperation of their teachers & the principal, planted about a 100 trees to celebrate the break of the monsoons. Variety of trees planted included poplars like Neem, Imali, Daikes, Safeda, Kaner & many others. Monsoons hold relevance no short of a religious festival, in the village carrying trend of constantly fighting against water scarcity/contamination & the several connected issues that arise from it i.e. diseases like cancer, stomach infections, epidemics etc.


Environmentalists explain the relevance of planting trees relating to several commonly observed needs such as, a source of fuel (wood), for fencing, paper,  etc ;  alongside scientific & the natural benefits, like, as an aid in adjusting the velocity of winds preventing soil  erosion. Amongst all, the perspective of the young children, who were the lifeline of the event;  was the wisest.  For them, the idea of planting trees is an opportunity, to serve people, to prepare a gift for several; who will be served by the trees, by its shadow, fruits & flowers;  & like a bouquet , the fragrance of love.

~ Ramandeep Singh, Student
~ 8th Aug 2013, Rohini, New Delhi



Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they have been given, than to explore the power that can help them change it. Impossible is not a fact. It is an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare! If opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a new door and embracing this strategy ‘Gursharan Singh’ and ‘Sahil Jindal’ have affirmed the saying that- ‘kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.’

Gursharan SinghEvery accomplishment starts with the decision to try; failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. ‘Gursharan Singh’, one of the most alight students of the Akal Academy, Ratia achieved his goal of achieving 127th All India Rank in the IIT examination and 25th rank in the OBC category. ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ and Gursharan’s hard core effort and zeal led him to the platform of success and achievement. He not only exhibited great results in his IIT examination but also showed spectacular performance in his board examinations. He matriculated with 10 CGPA and scored 87.6% in his 12th grade.

On the other hand ‘Sahil Jindal’, another sparkling lad of Akal Academy, Ratia upholds the dictum that there is no chance, no destiny and no fate that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. He secured the 67th rank in the IIT examination after his colossal endeavor helped him to attain 10 CGPA in class 10th and 92.5% in his 12th grade.Sahil Jindal

They both matriculated from the ‘Ratia branch’ of Akal Academy in Haryana. It gives pleasure, pride and happiness to see such students as a part of our country’s foundation. The valiant efforts of these students belonging to a small village Ratia in Haryana gave a new platform to them, to touch the apex of success and ecstasy.

There is no problem in this world which can defeat you. To succeed in your mission, it is must to have a single minded devotion towards your goal. Though this school was located in the remote northern frontier state of India but through their hard work and dedication they proved that nothing is impossible if pursued with commitment and self confidence. They both have not only won over their teachers with their inquisitiveness for studies and perseverance but have also filled the hearts of their parents with contentment and bliss. They have raised their heads with glory and conviction.

Both these bucolic aspirants will serve as an inspiration for the students of entire Haryana to achieve a higher ladder in life with full self esteem and adherence. Akal Academy, along with their benign support in giving them good academic knowledge, also endowed their souls with spiritual and eternal values. It taught them ‘not to be a man of success but a man of value.’

What matters is not to see through one another, but to see one another through. The best preparation for tomorrow is to do the commenced work augustly well. Hence, like Gursharan and Sahil, start finding your opportunities within your dreams and aspirations. Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows. Be optimistic and courageous as ‘courage’ is the anchor that holds one steady, and enables one to climb on and on. Therefore, ‘Aim to carve your name on hearts and not on marbles!’

~Gurleen Kaur Vedi, B.A. (HONS) English, Mata Sundri College For Women
~New Delhi, 3rd July 2013

Diligent Damsel; Directing Dreams…..

Water rises above to form clouds,

A girl is brought up to continue the generation clock,

Rain showers relief and glee,

A girl follows every ritual to spree,

Moving with elegance to conquer the top

A girl can show it to the world what all it costs,

Selflessly she works for her family to smile,

Some sorrow and joy she carries to fill the jug in a while.


Kriti SharmaKriti Sharma comes from a middle class family, which resides in a small place called Ratia in Fatehabad, Haryana, which is a small town with picturesque beauty of farm fields and a bright blue sky. Here people have a small world of their own, a very different one from that of city residents. Here education has altogether a different definition. People did send their children to school but not with the idea of providing them a career but to overcome the difficulties that they face on their part because of lack of the opportunity to go to school.

In an environment like this Kriti is a twinkling star who aims to be a doctor, so that she can contribute to the mankind. Her father, a bank employee has always supported her and has faith in her dreams. He always kept his relationship with his daughter intact with love and affection. He is a supporter of pressure free environment and always cherished her. Her mother is a school principal who has not only been idol to her but for hundred other students. She has proved herself time and again in her both professional and personal lives. Kriti has seen a lady’s power in her mother’s image. Immensely inspired by her Kriti has kept her first footsteps on the ladder of life.

Akal AcademyKriti Sharma has always been an overwhelming joy for her parents. She is an ingenious kid who has well exemplified that the downpour of education to girls has the power to reach the apex. She is a student of Akal Academy, Ratia. She has scored 95.5% in her 12th and a 10 CGPA in 10TH board examinations. Further, she scored a 99.78 percentile in the NEET-UG examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education in 2013 .The National Eligibility Entrance Test in the first year of its implementation saw 6, 58,040 taking the exam for admissions to MBBS and BDS courses, coming from all over India. Out of these 3,66,317 students qualified the exam. Kriti scored a 938 All India Rank in general category. She also got a 78 and 121 rank in Punjab and Haryana respectively.

Kriti is not only a brilliant student, but also a National level table tennis player. Her interests also include reading novels and dancing. A fun loving girl, industrious and extrovert, Kriti has very high aspirations. She expects herself to perform bigger and better.

Modern day India talks about a double digit growth but still sees a highly abrupt sex ratio. The state of Haryana has 753 girls to 1000 boys as per data released by 2011 Census. In such a scenario girl like Kriti is a benign bliss of god. Her dexterous doings are adding dimensions to the world outside.

As Brigham Young rightly said,”If you educate a man, you educate a man, If you educate a woman you educate a generation.”

~Harshana Kathpalia, B.Com (Hons.),
~Hindu College, New Delhi, 22nd June 2013

Colouring the Karambhoomi!

Akal AcademyNo one can forget the great movie ‘RANG DE BASANTI’ that spoke of our Punjab revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and their contemporaries, which the soil of Punjab is proud of. They at that time were trying to awaken the corrupt and poverty laden country, same way the students of Akal Academy are trying to carry in the spirit by carrying on the flame of empowering the mind, body and soul. They are passionately carrying on the mission of ‘EK NOOR’ and unlike the world, which is busy lapping up all the materialistic pleasures of life in a self-centric approach. The students right from the time that they step into school maintain a simple attire of Kurta Pyjamas, which enhances the principle of gender equality and lesser distractions for impressionable minds. Their characters are chiseled through a carefully laid out regimen, which includes daily prayers (nitnem), which help nourish the young tender brains. They are taught, “ Every human being is the Light of the Divine contained in a human form propelling that we need to respect all humans”. Seva and Simran become the foundation stone of pedagogy followed by Akal Academies.

Sohan SinghFatehgarh Channa is a sleepy village of around 3000 persons, in Tehsil Samana of District Patiala. In 1997, Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib established an Akal Academy with only 22 students. Today, this branch has again proved themselves in ‘RANG DE’ spirits by scoring well in the 12th and 10th CBSE examinations, Sohan Singh scored 89.4%, Yadwinder 82.2%, Harpreet Singh 77% and Mohanjeet 75% in their 12th exams. In the class 10th Ankita Kansal, Arashpreet Kaur, Harbir Kaur, Jashan Sharma, Ravneet Kaur all notched to 10 CGPA. The School is not only famous for the academic output, but also very progressive in sports and co-curricular activities; ensuring the holistic development of the learners.Yadwinder Singh

The underlying key factor to it that even now in their own way, Akal Academy chain of schools have managed to enthuse the spirit of being vivacious, dedicated and passionate to build India’s first chain for rural transformation by sowing the seeds of Value based education at its best.

As a wise man said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”. This has been one of the guiding forces of the Kalgidhar Trust under the umbrella of Baba Iqbal Singh Ji.

~ Ramneet Singh, B.Com.,
~ Rohini, New Delhi, 22nd June 2013